Farewell For Now
Posted: July 25 2015

Our first game 'Keep In Play' was released on the App Store five years ago in 2010, our second game 'Block Six' was released three years ago in 2012. With several iterations of iPhone and iOS having come and gone over the years the games are due for updates. Over the years however the team at Garuda Force has moved onto exciting new projects and ventures and so this is not something we can get to right away. Therefore, as of July 2015 we have decided to make our games unavailable on the App Store.

We want to thank everyone who played Keep In Play and Block Six. We hope you have had as much fun playing them as we have had making them. Both games were a labour of love, we worked hard to make them original and packed with great gameplay. Making our own games to share with others has been a life long dream for us and we are proud of what we created, it's been a great experience and thank you for joining us. For now at least, it is farewell.

Block Six: Tournament Edition
Posted: January 25 2014

Intoducing Block Six: Tournament Edition

Tournament Edition adds Skillz multiplayer tournaments to the great original gameplay of Block Six. Enjoy competing with other players directly for the first time in addition to the existing leaderboards.

If you have not been playing Block Six already now is the best time ever to start, along with being able to join multiplayer tournaments on Skillz you can also enjoy the recent updates to Block Six for iOS7 and the iPhone 5 and 5S aspect ratio.

Block Six Updated
Posted: November 18 2013

Intoducing Block Six: Tournament Edition

Block Six has been updated for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5/5S display. The update (1.2) is available on the App Store now!

Issues following iOS update? Resolution below.
Posted: October 19 2013

Some people have experienced problems launching Keep In Play and/or Block Six following the recent update of iOS. If you are affected you can resolve this issue by going to the App Store and re-downloading the game. You should not lose any saved data. Re-downloading will overwrite the existing game on the device and fix the issue.

Thank you to the user reviewers.
Posted: July 10 2012

Block Six is being downloaded now across the world and the first few user reviews have been posted on the USA store. A special thank you to these reviewers for taking the time and writing up your thoughts, for independent developers this sort of feedback means a lot, especially when we get very little coverage, and getting five stars from all of you so far is very encouraging. Please take the time to you review Block Six!

Block Six is on the App Store
Posted: July 8 2012

Block Six is available on the App Store as of now! Download it now for free HERE.

Back On The App Store
Posted: June 19 2012

Keep In Play is back on the app store and Block Six is coming in the next few days.

Keep In Play Temporarily Unavailable
Posted: June 6 2012

Due to a transition Keep In Play will be temporarily unavailable from the App Store starting today. Keep In Play will return to the store soon and following it a couple of weeks later will be the new Block Six.

Keep In Play 1.4 Update
Posted: August 21 2011

An update to Keep In Play has been released with a fix to a minor issue involving an unnecessary message window occasionally appearing on level start up on some devices. The same fix has been applied to Keep In Play Lite. The updated Keep In Play 1.4 and Keep In Play Lite 1.2 are both available for download now. Happy game playing!

Keep In Play 1.3 Update
Posted: February 26 2011

Keep In Play 1.3 is available now. If you have the game on your device you should be prompted to update shortly. This update adds a 'Slow Fireballs' mode that allows the game to be played with a lower difficulty level. Although the regular mode is carefully balanced to provide fun and challenge this new mode should provide players who struggle with regular mode to have more fun. Slow Fireballs can be turned on from the Options menu (pictured).

Additionally if you fail a level a few times you will be asked if you would like to turn Slow Fireballs mode on. This update also improves some of the How To Play documentation and makes it easier for players to rate the game by providing a button that links directly to the review entry page (also accessed in the options menu).

Download the update now and if you have not yet tried Keep In Play now is a great time to do so. Enjoy 51 levels of ribbon drawing fun.