Keep In Play

Released 2010

Keep In Play is a touch based puzzle-action-strategy game for iOS.

Help protect a kingdom by drawing lines to stop fireballs from hurtling down from the sky.

The lines you draw have limited life span and quantity so a clever style of drawing is needed to ensure that you do not run out of lines and that they stay on the screen long enough to allow fireballs to rebound.

Draw and use items wisely to complete all 51 levels to see a happy ending.

Avoid the dragons and other flying objects.

If you are ever lost, the 'How To Play' section is filled with tips.

Keep In Play!

As of July 2015 Keep In Play is no longer available for download from the App Store. Thank you for playing to all who did, we hope you loved playing it as much as we loved making it.


Keep In Play Lite

Released 2010

Have a taste of Keep In Play with Keep In Play Lite and the first 5 levels of the game.